Hello, I’m Prajjwal; a 19-year young digital marketer, blogger, and programmer from West Bengal, India.

Creative Wordsmith. Tech Enthusiast. Avid Reader. Minimalist. Frugal. Resourceful.

A nerdy explorer, in search of new possibilities. I knock on wood constantly.

I’m currently a Computer Science Engineering student. 

I was born in the Asansol and raised in a middle-class charming family of honesty and computer geniuses and therefore it’s obvious that I developed an enthusiasm for it too.

Computers and technology have been my first love.

My hobbies include motivational speaking, painting, playing the piano, writing quotes and poems, reading and studying languages and historical politics and culture.

I like imagining what life was like hundreds of years ago and what it will be like 100 years from today. 

My favorite thing in life is making my friends happy, specifically when they are sad. Because, as far as I’m concerned, love and friendship is absolutely everything.

I’m effortlessly energized, excited, thrilled, and stunned. I’m 19 now, but I never stop hopping here and there when something great happens.

My greatest fear is getting bad news or letting someone down. 

I really love showing people that they are very unique. 

I adore my friends and I’m continually making new ones. I don’t generally think you can ever quit making new companions or looking into however many new things possible.

I love to inspire people and feel like a motivational speaker to my friends.

I am determined to be sprightly and euphoric in whatever circumstance I may find myself. 

For I have discovered that most of our wretchedness or despondency is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. 🙂

About My Blogging & IM Journey

I got introduced to blogging back in 2014 when I was just 14. I got introduced to blogging accidently. I always had the knack of learning things my peers didn’t know(I was called Wikipedia by my friends).

Before it all was about to begin…

As stated earlier, I loved reading about new amazing things. There were huge pages on Facebook that shared interesting facts in few sentences. When I saw their user engagement and value, I thought I could do it as well. Guess what? I started a page named “All I Need to Know – A Unique World.” I began posting all the things I knew, trying to become “Professional” with my posts. Now came the part that every newbie can relate with or has faced, I had no audience. I invited all my friends manually to like my page. Result? A few likes, but no user engagement. Months passed, and I was continually delivering value in my posts but failed to get any user engagement or growth in terms of “Likes.”

An idea struck my mind, and I started commenting on related pages which I followed to like my page. Result? An immediate boost in likes and user engagement. Silly me, I didn’t even know that this was called spamming. I started commenting on all the posts of those pages and got myself banned by the page admins. Then I realized that this wasn’t the right way to promote any page. Either way, I had gained a small audience base (around 100-500 I guess) and my thirst for an audience was quenched for a while. Months passed, and the engagement of the audience got to almost 0 again in spite of me posting tons of valuable information.

How I was introduced to blogging

Even though I kept posting great content, I had no audience. Therefore, I started messaging huge pages to share my page. I messaged around 100, maybe, but none helped except a couple of them, who are one of my best friends now.

In 2014, I started my first blog called World Tech Trends. Later I bought a custom domain with the help of a friend of mine who paid on my behalf as 14-year-olds don’t have a CC 😛

Again, even after writing great content, my site gained no traffic and later, I left it to accumulate dust. The domain expired a year after as I had no money to renew the domain.

I read about blogging and internet marketing, took some so-called “Premium Courses” with my hard-saved money which literally went in vain.

The frustration within me increased and I started reading and exploring the blogosphere even more rigorously. Last year, in January 2016, I had no money to get hosting for my domain.

One of my friends, Fernando Raymond, who owns a hosting company called Seekahost gifted me 1 year of hosting. I’ll be grateful to him till eternity for this generous gesture.

Making my first $1,500 online; The journey begins

I made my first $1,500 freelancing on various platforms like Fiverr, and selling services and expired domains on Facebook. The stone started rolling and I never looked back.

Then? I always say that you need to treat Blogging as a SERIOUS BUSINESS. Now, with $$$$ in hand, I was ready to knock on wood to demystify the facts of the Blogging and PBN world for myself.

The most common PBN demystifications being,

Read my full guide about these demystifications.

Key Takeaway: Don’t blindly follow what you read. There are myths that the “big shots” want you to believe and things they hide which prove to be of a huge competitive advantage for them.

I made my first Niche site and needless to say; I wasn’t so successful.

The sprout of the fruit-bearing tree(a successful niche site) was rather an unexpected one. It all started when I was given an article writing work in an obscure niche by a client; who ended up never paying for the article which I later published on one of my new blogs.

Without building much links, my site came up to page 3 for the target keyword(around 12k volume). Upon building a few links, my site climbed up to position 10 and obviously to #1 in a month.

The site generated the first few sales amounting to $100 in commissions within a week.

Gradually I started experimenting and came up with my own formula of building sites, keyword research and ranking and the rest is history. Being blessed with an awesome team for each of my projects has helped me manage multiple successful projects.

Currently, I’m working on 2 long-term Authority sites; and about 10 niche sites, amongst which 3 are generating a decent $$$$ figure income per month.

Final Words

The only reason for my success today is that I didn’t give up. My only advice to any newbie is to keep pushing till you don’t make it. It’s not hard; but it’s not easy either! Promise yourself, “I won’t give up until I win!”

If you need any support or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always there to give a helping hand to those who need it.

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