What is life? Life is a human-percieved notion which is meaningless.

Likewise, what’s death? Again, death is a human-percieved notion that’s meaningless as well.

You call it death when you’ve not yet ceased to live, or, you call it life when you’ve not yet met death. Ain’t it?

According to me, you, we and every other “living being” is a body of infinite complex chemical reactions happening at the most precisely accurate timing.

The incident…

Two months ago, on the 4th of April, 2017, I met with an accident while going to school with my uncle. Before I tell you about my meeting with death, let me quickly narrate my quick affair with the truck on the G.T. Road which left me with love bites and bruises for months.

It was just like any other day, I was heading towards school with my uncle on the bike(he was driving it, I don’t drive on road, unlike my peers)

It was just a jolly, normal drive to the school just like any other day but fate had something else in the bag for me. Suddenly, a truck parked perpendicular to the roadside dashed into 3/4 of the road. Even before we could realize what had happened, we had already collided with the truck and probably skid around 50meterss with the bike. All I can recall is me shockingly yelling, “Uncle!” and Bam! BLACK…

My meeting with “death”…

From the Collision to the “Black,” a strange happened.

*Opens eyes into a space that ends to the infinite light, with a strange creature in front of my*

Prajjwal: “Who are you? Where am I?”

Strange Creature: “I’m death. You are on a journey with me now; post-death.”

Prajjwal: “Journey? Death? Are you the one who kills people? Is that your job? I have so much left to do. It can’t end so soon. So many unsaid goodbyes. So many incomplete dreams, ambitions, and plans.”

Death: “Yes, I take the souls to the place they deserve after one’s time is over. It’s over for you. You’ve come above all worldly affairs.”

Prajjwal: “No! I got this life to do something for this world before I breathe last! This can’t end now; I’ve done nothing! The world needs me and I need them.”

Death: “Prajjwal, it’s over. Even though you had more time, but your body couldn’t make it for that long. Your body can’t support you anymore. As it is, you didn’t utilize the years you got.”

Prajjwal: “I have people to support. I have to gift the humanity something before I go on this eternal journey with you; before I reach my deathbed. I beg thee, let me go back.”

Death: “You had time, but your body succumbed to injuries. If you go back, all you’ll have is pain.”

Prajjwal: “I’m ready for all the pain, let me live a bit longer. It can’t end so abruptly. SO SOON…”

Death: “…………………………………………………………………………………….”

*Falls, hurt, almost unconscious, back on the road*

I was on the road, barely able to open my eyes. Somehow, even though I couldn’t move, I forced my eyes to half-open to see if there’s no vehicle heading towards me to crush me(as it’s one of the busiest roads). Call it the twist of fate, the road was empty. Just imagine. A road that’s always experiencing heavy vehicles running to and fro was EMPTY. No vehicles except that truck 50 meters behind me. The locales picked me up and all I knew was that something wasn’t right. Immense pain and blood everywhere. My uniform, torn, unable to stand.

My uniform, torn, unable to stand. Shots of grave agony.

I don’t know how long it was between the collision and me opening my eyes and being picked up by people. Later, a lot of pain and a month of uncomfortable bedrest followed.

Reaching home, my mom, sister were traumatized. To handle their agony and trauma, I let just cracked a few silly jokes and comforted them by saying that I’m at least amongst them. Post a couple of hours of reaching home, pain engulfed my conscience and all I remember was that I gradually fell asleep, weeping silently.

After reaching home, post-accident…
Little did I know how deep the cut was.
One and a half month, post the accident. I realized why it hurt that bad…

How “this incident” changed me…

Apparently, I changed a lot after “this incident”.

  1. A boy like me, who can’t sit still for even 10 minutes had a bed rest of a month and above all, couldn’t even change his position as both my arms were hurt. Even moving a little hurt. Hurt badly! At least for 10 days straight, I almost had no movement. For the first 30 hours after the accident, I didn’t even go to the washroom! Damn man, I go to the washroom after 3 hours of continuous class at school or after taking an exam.
  2. I learned to value things I’ve got. From God. Yes, this mightily complex chamber of infinite complex chemical reactions happening at the most precisely accurate timing, my body. This non-handicapped body is the greatest gift. You see, we have been blaming God, this world, and someone or the other for things that went wrong, things we didn’t like, things that hurt us. But we never thanked God for this perfectly-abled body that we got as a priceless gift from him through our mother. If you can read this, you’ve got eyes. If you got to this page, you’ve got fingers. If you are able to interpret the set of letters that are written here, you’ve got the brain that is able. And what have you and I done to get this? NOTHING!
  3. Understood my value in other people’s lives. You see, you only know who’s your real companion when you’re in the dark, cause even something as close as your shadow leaves you in the darkness. My pals, who were fidgeting till they finally met me. Some, who didn’t let this incident affect me by cracking silly jokes instead of showing how gloomy it was for them to hear about such an unfortunate incident. My loved ones who simply showed how possessive they were when it comes to me being in their life.
  4. I understood the true sense of “pain” in life. I always used to wonder why my grandma, mom, father couldn’t climb up the third floor like me. Why things change that way that they’re no longer “so fit” anymore. The crux is, the time is now! Play, exercise, nourish your body and above all, use the bodily-assets you’ve got! If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. The amount of pain I had to endure to just respond to the “nature’s call” was so disturbing. I was drinking less water so that I don’t have to rush to relax my bladders after my kidney does its job. Returning to the school and climbing all the way up to the third floor was one of the most horrifying experiences. I had never realized that the third floor could take so long to reach. You see, I used to skip 2-3 steps at a time and be up from ground floor to the third floor in no time at all. No pain whatsoever as well! I experienced it all. And above all, I couldn’t skate, I can’t till now. I thoroughly enjoy skating for long hours when I’m at home. But as of now, I’m not able to do so.

A few more columns will be added soon… Do visit in around a week…

Today, a jolly hangout, 2 months post-accident…

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  1. A similar incident caused a lot of change in me. Last year in January, I got to know I was suffering from initial stages of skin cancer. The treatment and the pain you see in your kins alters the way you perceive life.

    Best of luck for the wonderful life that lies ahead! 🙂

  2. Well this whole thing has gone deep in me…I could picture everything about that accident nd all the events after that in my imagination….it was so inspirational…Let this rebirth for u not be a good starting but a better continuation of ur awesome old life…cheers bro nd daamn u r a good writer….

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